Common Online Casino Bonus Game Restrictions

Before signing up for any cash bonuses offered by an online casino, players should investigate certain things about these freebies. Online casinos operate because they are businesses, and a business will usually stay in business due to interest in profit. Players should check the terms and conditions, withdrawal limitations, wager requirements and other items particular to a bonus. One of the things one should check would have to be game restrictions.

Should online gamblers pay attention to game restrictions imposed so one may take advantage of online casino bonuses? Players should pay attention to the game restrictions that are imposed by an online casino regarding certain bonuses that they offer. We'll give you a few examples of game restrictions you'll find on the Internet to illustrate this.

For instance, when you look up a new online casino that your friend recommended, don't be surprised to find a welcome bonus that has a wager requirement. Not only will there be a wager requirement for that welcome bonus, that wager requirement for the welcome bonus can only be met if you play on slot machines.

Another variation of the example above is that you'll find online casinos that offer two kinds of welcome bonuses and each with its own game restrictions. One welcome bonus will have a game restriction where players can only play on slot machines, while the other will have game restrictions and will be exclusive for some other game.

Some bonuses you'll find in an online casino will have a different type of game restriction where you are allowed to play on any game you want. The only difference is that some games will only merit you as little as 10% to qualify for the cash bonus and some games you play will give you the full 100% (usually the games with the higher house edge).

So with this type of game restriction it will be surely up to you regarding the choice of games you would like to play in an online casino. One good tip would be to choose the games you really like so you'll not only get the bonus, you'd also have some fun. An extension to this thought is to select only the bonuses that have game restrictions but allow the games you like.

After learning about the game restrictions required by the terms and conditions of an online casino's bonus it is best to read through them than get disqualified and start all over from scratch. Be sure to check the game restrictions among other things when you chase after online casino bonuses.

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