Tribal Casinos: Samaritan For Problem Gamblers

The increasing rise of problem gamblers is very disturbing. The growth of many casino establishments partly causes such problems. There is a lack of regulating policies applicable to the gambler's frequency of gambling activities and the amount of money involved when gambling in a casino.

Due to this uncontrolled condition of gambling activities that take place in a casino establishment, many gamblers have gone overboard in terms of the time and money spent for gambling. Gambling addiction is a common problem. It is usually rooted from a casino player being an entertainment gambler who later progresses into an addictive gambler. Most gamblers failed to gain control over their gambling activities and instead it is gambling that take control over the gambler.

Problematic gamblers are growing in population and there is no clear and defined action taken against its growth by casinos. Although there were some casinos that attempted the implementation of a self ban from problem gamblers, the said measure is still not effective due to lack of manpower that monitors every individual present playing in a casino to identify those who are included in the self ban list. Because of this condition, some individuals noticed the weak enforcement response to alleviate the existence of problem gambling and decided to take responsible action to address the seemingly social problem that occurs within the society.

These individuals took civic responsibility to recognize problem gamblers. They organize and build Tribal Casino which will help assist a gambler developing behavioral problems concerning their gambling behavior and activities. Tribal casinos have psychologists on duty who are available for counseling to gamblers encountering behavioral problems and gambling addiction.

The treatment assistance provided for a Tribal Casino player identified to have gambling problems is on an out-patient basis. Consultation is provided as well as treatment options are given. The Tribal Casino's facility is open for all tribe members and their family with extended help offered to the rest of the community who have encountered gambling addiction and mental illness.

Tribal Casino has well trained staff and employees that monitor the gambling activities carried out in the casino. Anyone they identified and believed to exhibit gambling problems is respectfully approached and referred to the institute's counseling services.

Even family members are involved in the therapy process. In fact during the initial operations of Tribal Casinos there were numerous cases where family members approach to solicit help to be extended for a family member addicted to gambling.

Gamblers are grateful for the existence of Tribal Casinos because they know exactly where to turn to once gambling problems are encountered. Tribal casinos are considered to be a Samaritan among gamblers in the institution who gives immediate action to help resolve the progressive gambling crisis gamblers might encounter.

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